Zero Processing Fees


Tired of paying the processing fees for your business’s transactions?  It might be time to explore your options for Zero Processing fees. Zero Processing Fees can be applied to your business when you meet certain qualifications. We can help you navigate the complex world of zero processing fees while also making sure your business is compliant. Enterprise Payment Systems has helped businesses lower their fees, give information to their customers, and provide the technological support that they need to move forward. If you are thinking of changing the way your business processes fees and want to explore a zero rate, contact us today and we can help! 

Why Zero Fee Works

Lower Rates

Merchants in the US alone pay almost $80 billion in credit card processing fees. 

Boost Bottom Line

Your business can increase its revenue by not having to pay extra fees. 

Encourages Different Payment

Switching to a Zero Fee model can also encourage your customers to pay with debit card for faster transactions/payments 

Compliance is Key

For Zero Fee to work, businesses must follow all compliance. EPS will work with you to ensure your business is protected!


Save Money
Make Money

Enterprise Payment Systems is here to help you with your payment processing solutions.  If that means your business wants to move to a Zero Fee solution then we are ready to help! 

Zero Fee Payment services were introduced after a lawsuit against credit card companies demanding fees for their processing.  It was determined that it is legal to pass those fees on to the customer, saving your business those fees as well. However, this also came with things you should know about as well. Use this quick FAQ Guide to determine whether Zero Fee Payment services are right for your business: 

Q: How does surcharging work? 
A: When you run a credit card through a payment terminal you are paying a fee to cover that payment. Typically this fee can be upwards of 3%. However, with Zero Fee processing, or surcharging, you can pass on that fee to the customer automatically. Therefore, the cost of sale is a little more to the customer but you have reduced your cost of doing business. 

Q: Can I do this anywhere? 
A:  There are a few locations that do not allow surcharging. Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Puerto Rico are among those locations that do not 

Q. Are there other costs? 
A: Yes.  Something to be mindful of is even though you are surcharging the cost, there are other applicable fees generally used to still process payments depending on the banking institution you use for your business.  There are also fees for convienance, PCU Compliance, and Equipment Fees you might or might not already be paying. Enterprise Payment Systems will help you figure those out and save you as much as we can! 

 Q: Do I have to let the customers know? 
A: Yes.  Whenever you participate in Zero Fee or Surcharging fees you have to have signage to let the customer know. You can price the items differently to make it easier for the customer but signage is important for the business to have in order to take part in Zero Fee Payment Processing. 

Q: Is there a limit to the surcharge? 
A: Yes there is a limit that is set on the surcharge you can set. 

Q: What should I be careful of? 
A: Point of Sale systems that offer pre-programmed software for surcharging. A lot of times these are propriety systems and cannot be controlled by you. Enterprise Payment Systems can help you navigate these and get you the best system for your service!