Point of Sale


Point-of-sale systems are an amazing and effective tool for your business. They can help you process customers faster but also allow you to manage inventory, keep track of sales, and help you forecast for ordering.  Enterprise Payment Systems can help you with your Point of Sale System so that your business is operating at peak performance and efficiency. We work with all major POS operators and services in order to provide you with a cheaper and effective service so you can do what you do best; operate your business! 

Point Of Sale Benefits

Quicker Turnaround

Process customers faster and keep the wait times lower for your customers. 

Access Data

Sales, Inventory, Loyalty, Employee Management and more! 

Ultimate Management

Promotions, Sales, Inventory, Orders, Tracking, Employees, manage it all easier! 

Expense Monitoring

Know the in and outs of your business’s records!


Point Of Sale 
Point of Profits

Enterprise Payment Systems has been providing businesses around the world with point-of-sale solutions for their business for over 20 years. 

When we work with your business, we make sure to serve all of your needs.  If you are considering a point-of-sale system for your business, we are here to help!  How can a POS system help you? 

  1. Sales Management – POS systems will make sure you know what sales are made during the day. This will allow us to plan for bigger and busier days predicting trends based on the sales in the system 
  2. Employee Management – Employees are the most important part of your business. Point of Sale Systems will allow you to know which employees are ringing up the most customers and the services that they are providing. 

3. Inventory Management – POS systems will help you know when to order more inventory and help with your inventory planning.  This will help you keep your customers happy and allow you to maximize sales and revenue. 

4. Efficiency– When you run an efficient business you are running a business that makes revenue and maximizes profits. POS systems will increase the efficiency of your business and provide you with more terminals. 

5. Access to Data – Know the data you need and get the data when you need it! This will help you with your customer management and also provide you with information for accountancy issues in the future.

6. Loyalty – Successful businesses have repeat customers, brand recognition, and customer loyalty.  POS systems can offer you loyalty programs and more to reward your customers for sticking with you. 

7. TIME – That’s right. TIME.  One of the most precious resources for business owners.  Point-of-sale systems will allow you more time to concentrate on efficient decision-making and profits! 

Call us today to see how Enterprise Payment Systems can help you with getting, maintaining, and processing a POS system for your business. We can’t wait to show you the power you have!