Mobile Pay


Everyone has a cell phone, which means everyone is a walking bank. More and more customers are choosing to link their methods of payment with their phones and paying through mobile wallets.  Enterprise Payment Systems can help you process these payments and navigate through the various methods of different processors. We have the experience and the technology your business relies on to check out any customer who wants to choose to pay right directly from their mobile device! 

Mobile Wallet Integration

Amazon Pay

We can help your busines process payments right from Amazon Pay.

Apple Pay

61.3% of mobile users have Iphones. EPS can help you server them.

Google Pay

Worldwide Market Share by Android is 70.29%. Let us help! 

Pay Pal

One of the top choices for checkout services. 


Offering Your Customers Options

Enterprise Payment Systems has been providing businesses around the world with mobile wallet integration checkout services for over 20 years! 

We have helped business owners navigate the complex world of mobile payments, there are extremely useful benefits to any business owner who wants to have their business set up with mobile payments. Here are some things you should know: 

More Secure: Due to fingerprint IDs on mobile phones being necessary to pay, mobile pay is now the safest way customers can pay for their orders. 

Contactless: Since mobile pay systems are governed and powered by NFC (Near Field Communication) there is no more reason to touch anything when someone is checking out. 

Need Equipment: In order to start accepting mobile payments at your locations, you will need an NFC reader at the terminals you use. 

Super Fast: Because the funds are tied to the mobile device the customer is using you are cutting out the need to verify like you would for credit cards. This means that payments are near instantaneous and will clear through faster for your record keeping and more! 

Makes online Ordering Easier: Because of the rise of delivery services for everything from restaurants to groceries, users store their information in their phones to make the transaction easier when ordering in the future. 

Not a Passing Thing: Mobile Pay is increasing in market share. It is not a fad. Only more and more people are going to request to pay through these methods as time goes on especially because of the ease and security it provides your customers. 

This is the perfect time to start investigating whether you want mobile pay services and Enterprise Payment Systems is ready to help!