Cannabis Payments


The revolution has started! More and more states are legalizing the selling of cannabis and related products across the country. Dispensaries need to make sure the can operate, not only within the confines of the law (state and local), but also with the increased demand for their products!  You need to focus on logistics, growth, selling,operating, and meeting that demand, you don’t have to time to worry about the payment processing for your business’s sales as well. We will do that for you. We will make sure your dispensary is able to provide the best for your customers while making sure all your sales are going through. If you have a new dispensary or you just want to worry less with your current one, let’s talk to today! 

Why Choose Us

Protection and Security

We offer your business and customers the best security protocols and systems.

Naviagate the Legality

We will work with your business to ensure that all local, state, and federal laws are being followed. 

Payment Options

Whether you want to explore Cashless ATM or ACH payments we know how to help!

Accounting Integration

Our services also connect with accounting software for seamless integration and inclusion for your accounting services. 


Navigating The Complexity

We recognized the need. We recognized the demand.  We have been working with Cannabis dispensaries across the nation in the states and local municipalities that have legalized the same cannabis. 

One of the more complex issues is the processing of payments for cannabis purchases in the United States.  Even though some States have legalized the sale of cannabis, federal law still prohibits it.  Therefore it can be confusing what is allowed for your business and what is not going forward. This is where Enterprise Payment Systems can help. 

Originally cash transactions were the preferred method for the sale of cannabis. However, in our digital and interconnected world that has quickly moved on, and the introduction of cashless options was introduced in order to help businesses like yours process customers faster and also help with keeping track of sales easier. 

So dispensaries and services like ours adjusted. We have come up with ways for customers to credit cards, cashless atm services, ACH payment services, mobile payments, and even cryptocurrency for those places that want to offer it.  

The advantages of this is clear for any business, businesses can process customers faster, can sell more, have way more transparency for their business and customers, and finally offer their customers some of the same offerings you might find at a restaurant or any other store across the country. 

That is why we are here to help with security. As more and more transactions are processed with lightning-quick speed, and more dispensaries are opening every day, the importance of a security media like ourselves is important for businesses to be kept safe and protected.  

We are ready to walk you through the best options for your business and offer you the best options to alleviate any security concerns your business might have!  Talk to one of our experts today and learn how Enterprise Payment Systems can help your dispensary today! 

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