ACH Processeing

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ACH Payments are a great way to get your business to process orders faster and make sure you get your revenue easier. ACH is an electronic bank transfer from one bank to another. ACH Networks have had a growth of investments into it because of the amount of businesses that choose to process them. ACH networks are typically open for processing payments 23 1/4 of the day and the rest is spent just making sure all transfers and transaction batches have gone through. Enterprise Payment Systems can help you get set up with the BEST ACH payment systems so you can get your revenue faster and pay your employees fast with the lowest fees. 

Benefits of ACH

Lower Cost

ACH payments are cheaper for your business than other forms of payment. 


Avoid late and missed payments to your business! 

Faster Processing

ACH can be processed as fast as the same day or clear up to 3 days.


ACH Payments are preferred because of the security they can offer your business!


Faster Money 
Faster Business

When you are thinking about the types of payments you would like to implement at your business, you can’t go wrong with ACH payments.  More secure than credit card processing and faster as well, ACH payments are a great way to increase the revenue of your business, keep your customers happy, and avoid any accounting errors that you might have to track down. 

Since the invention of ACH Payments, financial institutions have continually put forth time and resources to develop it more. Banks love it, customers love it, and businesses love it.  With the popularity of ACH growing you can be confident in choosing it as the right move for payment processing for your business. Enterprise Payment Systems can help your business choose the right platform for you and help you get started with ACH payments! 

Why should your business think about using ACH Payments? Here are just a few of the reasons why ACH payments are a good idea for your business going forward: 

  • Control over daily cash flow for your business
  • Set up tighter accounts payable processes
  • Reconciliation for your bookkeeping is easier 
  • Know more about your future cash flow for ordering inventory and management over products. 
  • Easier for customers who will continue to patronize your business. 
  • Easily set up recurring payments for your incoming billables. 
  • Easier integration into your bookkeeping methods.
  • Happier employees who can accept direct deposit.
If you want to experience any of these benefits, call Enterprise Payment Systems today and let us help you with your ACH payments!