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    Your Choice!

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We promise a “no pressure” approach and offer a “no obligation” review of your current services to ensure that you receive the best services and rates. From Retail to Hospitality, ECommerce, and everything in between, EPS has partnered with every type of business. Our solutions help Merchants stay competitive with innovative programs from EMV to Apply Pay and Zero processing fees. We encourage our Merchants to “lean into the future” with us!

Merchants can eliminate 100% of their processing fees by offering customers discounts for cash payments and you profit from non-cash payments as you do with cash payments! This program may be a surcharge, convenience fee, or cash discount based on your jurisdiction.

This option has been made available to merchants since 2010. Call or email us now to start saving on expensive processing fees!!


eCommerce is our specialty. Our solutions include credit, debt, and ACH solutions. Traditional Swipe/Non-Swipe, MOTO, High and Low-Risk Accounts both Domestic and International.​ 


EPS has decades of experience in developing real-life strategies to improve performance in small and medium-size businesses. Let us turn the headaches of risk management, accounting, and compliance into opportunities for your business. In the coming years, you will be making many difficult decisions. Use this time to focus on the future, not the past. We can help and there is no charge for a phone call or email conversation!


Our Services

E Commerce

E Commerce

Zero Processing Fees

Zero Processing Fees

Point of Sale

Point of Sale

ATM Money Machines

ATM Money Machines

Managed Risk

Managed Risk

ACH Processing <br> Get Paid Today

ACH Processing
Get Paid Today

Instant Funding <br> Push To Debt

Instant Funding
Push To Debt

Franchises & Chains

Franchises & Chains

How to Create Your New Payment Processing Solutions


Schedule a Call

Learning about your payment processing needs is the first step. We’re not a one-size-fits-all partner.

You pick your preferred way to schedule our short discovery call.

Pick a convenient day and time on our Calendly calendar.
If Calendly isn’t for you, drop us an email.
Complete the contact form.
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Review Payment Processing

EPS partners with the payment processing, point of sale, and financial providers who have proven expertise and reliability.

We’ll conduct a thorough review of your existing payment processing solution.

Based on your current and long-term goals, we’ll design a comprehensive payment processing solution that grows with you.


EPS understands that changing payment processors feels complicated and disruptive. We all are more comfortable staying with what is familiar, even when we know there is a better solution.

We’re a hands-on partner. That means we do the tedious work to move from where you are now to where you want to go.

We consider your day-to-day business and design a transition that is seamless and effective.

We Can Do So Much More!

Our Website is under construction! We appreciate your patience while we are working on our website. In the meantime we can do do much more!  If you are a business that processes credit cards in any capacity DON’T WAIT!  Just call us today and let us help you! 

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