Payment Recovery

Recover Your Finances. 

We are ready to help your business secure the financing you need in order to start, complete, or continue operations. We will work with you to complete the necessary steps that can help your business. 

We have worked with businesses all over the world secure the loans they need going forward. If you want to speak with one of our specialists today give us a call and let us help you today! 

How We can Help


We can help your business navigate the right application you need for whatever you need the loan for. 


We have the connections you need in order to get the right financing from the right institutions. 

Best Options

We can help work with you to secure the best options for your application including rates, fees, and more! 

Working Capital

Your business loan can be used to get you the working capital you need for your business and why you need it. 

Businesses need loans for all sorts of reasons. Many businesses need to secure financing in order to expand, to purchase new inventory, to get through the next quarter and more. There are several tips you should consider when looking for the right business to take a loan from: 

1. Compare the terms: Every option should be examined when looking for the best loan for your business. What are the interest rates, what are the repayment terms, is there any flexibility? Every lender and ever institution has their own terms.  All of these terms have an impact on the overall amount and cost of the loan.  Read the fine print carefully as well, while most places will not charge you more for repaying a loan early some as hard it is to belive, might. EPS can you help you understand and compare the loans that might be right for your business. 

2. How You Recieve Your Funds: Which way do you want to recieve your payments? What is the best method for you to get the loan?  When looking for the right company to get your loan from you should look for the way that the funds will be deposited into your accounts and the dates that they will hit the account.

3. Additional Fees: Perhaps the most important thing when looking at the application is to read the additional fees for taking out a business loan.  There can be hidden fees in the fine print that most business owners never see. EPS is here to help you identify the hidden fees and help you to avoid them. 

4. Can You Prequalify?: It is always easier to secure a loan when you can prequalify for the loan that you are applying for.  EPS can help you identify the best loans that your business will have better chances of prequalifying for. 

5. Customer Support: Finally, the best thing to look for is the customer support options that can come along with the loan you are looking to apply for. Many businesses don’t consider this when it comes to choosing which company to go with for their loan. Customer support from the loan company can provide you with the help you need when it comes time to repaying the loan making sure everything is in order.