Instant Funding


There are different ways you can fund your business. Whether you are using standard ACH, Next Day, or Same Day they all take the time in order to settle your accounts and payments.  With Enterprise Payment Systems Instant Funding we can get you the payments you need as quickly as possible!  Instant funding is the newest way that businesses are choosing to make sure their funds are cleared as fast as possible.  Get your money faster with Instant Funding services from Enterprise Payment Systems! 

Choose Instantly

Faster Funding

Instant Funding is faster than ACH, Credit Card Processing, and same-day funding. 

Account Options

Instant funding can be connected and work with any account you want! 

No Batch Limits

Clear your money and payments without having to keep track of batches and limits! 

No Reserve Funds

Every dollar you make at your business will go to your accounts. Every time.  


Instant Money
Limitless Potential

We get it.  We run a business ourselves.  Enterprise Payment System’s number one goal is to make it easier for business owners to run theirs. That is why we offer services that can make it easier for your business to operate. Instant Funding is one of these solutions you can explore for your business. 

Credit Card transitions can sometimes take days to clear.  Because of the number of checks these processes take. Instant Funding skips all that.  Funds are made available to you without having to wait to see if the transaction cleared. Standard ACH Funding relies on credit card processing in order to clear your account.  While these accounts typically carry little to no fees from bank offerings they are slow and sometimes unreliable. 

Next Day Funding was made for business owners to get their funds faster. However, it is still based on the time limits of when the businesses are operating.  This also relies on your batches to be processed at the time dictated by the bank that you are using. When it comes to your busy season or a holiday, this can sometimes be impractical for your business. 

Same Day Funding is the next option for your business.  These are typical for merchants that need funding and the batches are settled in the morning in order to have that funding the same day.  However, one of the downsides that businesses discover is the batch limit in size and amount.  Your business does not need to be constrained by operators just to get the money you need. 

That is why EPS offers the best Instant Funding options available.  It offers your business the flexibility it needs for you to conduct your day-to-day operations. No cut-off times. No batch limits. No weekend constraints. No holiday problems.  You get your money when you need it. You earned it. You deserve it. 

If you think instant funding is the right move for your business call us today and speak with one of our funding specialists who will work with your business to ensure you can concentrate more on doing what you do best – running your business.